Privacy Policy

Your privacy is important to us at wirelessarmy. This Privacy Policy document outlines what data wirelessarmy receives and how we store, manage, and protect it.


wirelessarmy uses log files, which are files that record information including requested webpage resources, IP addresses, browser type, and timestamps. This information is used by wirelessarmy for troubleshooting, service analysis, and site maintenance. This information cannot be directly linked to personally identifiable information. We also use google analytics
Log files, and any data therein, are not shared with any third party.

Collected Information

at this moment the only data collection on this site is done with google analytics which can not be linked to personal identity.


wirelessarmy stores your preferences in cookies. While these cookies improve your experience by remembering your settings, they're optional -- all of wirelessarmy's features and services work without cookies.
Cookies may be stored by third parties via third party content embedded in wirelessarmy, like multimedia players and advertisements. wirelessarmy has no control over the cookies stored by third parties.