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creating a list with python
by admin
 at 2017-12-24 08:01:00.

this is a simple list with the name of portList that you can call latter on

portList = [21,22,443]

adding more numbers to it:


remove from list:


how many numbers / values are before something:


how many values are totally in the list


and sort it:

print portList.sort()

add words:

list2 = ['Apple','Orange','Melon','Strawberry']

make them all lower case:

print list2.lower()

make them all upper case:

print list2.upper()

replace some stuff:

print list2.replace("Orange","peach")

make a word list separated by line:

print '\n'.join(list2)

and for numbers:

print '\n'.join(map(str, List))

make a word list separated by comma and a space:

print ', '.join(mylist)

and for numbers:

print str(List).strip('[]')