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getting started with zcash
by admin
 at 2017-06-06 20:49:29.

here will we just have a zcash server and account up and running


Linux (easiest with a Debian-based distribution)
4GB of free memory


mkdir -p ~/.zcash
echo "addnode=mainnet.z.cash" >~/.zcash/zcash.conf
echo "rpcuser=username" >>~/.zcash/zcash.conf
echo "rpcpassword=`head -c 32 /dev/urandom | base64`" >>~/.zcash/zcash.conf

gen=1 enables mining
genproclimit for limiting the number of theards that you want to mine on

echo 'gen=1' >> ~/.zcash/zcash.conf
echo "genproclimit=-1" >> ~/.zcash/zcash.conf

zcashd will run zcashd

to test if it is runing

zcash-cli getinfo

To see the peers you are connected to:

zcash-cli getpeerinfo

Generating a t-addr

zcash-cli getnewaddress

Now let's generate a z-addr.

zcash-cli z_getnewaddress

This creates a private address and stores its key in your local wallet file. Give this address to the sender!

To get a list of all addresses in your wallet for which you have a spending key, run this command:

for z_address

zcash-cli z_listaddresses

for t adress with money in it

zcash-cli listtransactions

#for all t addresses

zcash-cli listreceivedbyaddress 0 true

you can find more information here