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windows 10 policy error
by admin
 at 2016-05-16 15:05:57.

how to Fix the “Disabled by Company Policy” or “Managed by Your Organization” Message in Windows 10

if you are using company email or Office365, you can remove the email account and re-add it, but pay attention to the part where it asks if you want to use this account to sign into other services. Make sure you select NO. That will prevent the policy enforcement.

Settings > Time & Language > Region & Language. Make sure your “Country or region” setting is correct, and that you have the correct language listed under “Languages”. You may need to click on the language and choose “Set as default”. If it is not in the list, add it with the “Add a language” button. Lastly, head to the “Speech” tab and ensure your “Speech language” is set to the same language as the other settings. And, of course, make sure Cortana is available in your region in the first place.

Both the Cortana error and the “managed by your organization” message can often appear if you’ve altered your settings for Microsoft’s Telemetry program. Some features require this to be set to “Enhanced” or “Full” to work properly. To change this, open the Settings app and head to Privacy > Feedback & diagnostics. Under “Diagnostic and usage data”, select “Enhanced” instead of “Basic”.