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People are old!
by admin
 at 2019-07-26 14:38:00.

If you look at humans history of life length, it has increased dramatically.

As most people know it's because of advances in health science, or more clearly for some, people poking at other peoples body parts and analysing the result to conclude a fact. Using the data to cure most illnesses. But it the extra length worth it?

As people age, the become slower at adapting changes which I talked about how deadly that can be here, they become physically less cable therefor they enjoyment of life become less. Since they need care, they waist their kids time and money, and if not most modern countries pay a minimum for their support that also can slow the economy down.

We can't let them die because we have something that I would describe as emotions. When we get old we don’t want to be the same place like them.

So what is the solution.


Drinking young blood maybe? I'm not being weird but there are experiments that show drinking young blood can have rejuvenating properties. Basically as people old the certain of molecules that can repair the body diminishes. The data highly suggests that the molecule can be a protein because after heating the young blood, protein loses its properties. It showed improvements in neural connections in hippocampus (part known as responsible for memory and spatial navigation)and improvements for mice with cardiac hypertrophy ( thickening of the ventricular walls, lower chambers in the heart) and shrinking in normal size.

So basically if we can learn all the fundamentals about human body, we can make a protein shake that can help us not just live longer but also be able to enjoy that time.