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Why design matter & why people don't realise it
by admin
 at 2015-12-15 12:18:00.

Most people like do everything the most convenient way and why wouldn't they. It's the easiest way and humans are lazy by nature. First it started as one person cooking for the family or making rounds, because it's both save of time and energy of the group but then the whole jobs, money and economy was built around that. You become good and something then you exchange your services for money.

The creation of remote controls, light switches or the new home automation are again based on that: humans are lazy and all these stuff makes life easier.

But why people are slow at adopting the new technologies or they hate where the layout of a website that they use often change they hate it even if that new thing means they can save time and energy and technically allow them to be more lazy?

It comes back again to human being lazy. Learning new things requires times and energy and humans get used to a pattern pretty fast. Like for example when you are 20 years old, you don't thing about eating lunch no matter in what state of emotion you are in or if you are busy. You just do it because you are used to it.

Like the lunch example, you spent some time and energy learning to do most stuff in life. Now if someone tells you to re-learn that, it might not be convenient for you because you already spent time on learning how to do that task.

That is the main reason why no matter when in time history always younger people adopt technology and better way of doing stuff easier and faster than adults. Because it the only way for them.

We don't need data scientist for this, we can clearly see the people being less welcomed to change around the age of 35.

So are people older than 35 are considered dead. Because at that point most of them (I know I'm generalizing) have past their years where they were at peak of mental and physical health and the only way they can contribute to human evolution is raising their kids so they can yell at them: "why don't you use this new tech! You are so old!"

Scientist have discovered that people's ability to adopt changes have a direct link to their brain's neuroplasticity.

"it refers to changes in neural pathways and synapses due to changes in behavior, environment, neural processes, thinking, and emotions - as well as to changes resulting from bodily injury." From  wikipedia

A good reason for investors to invest in that field of science.