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windows/mac can’t find your hard drive
by admin
 at 2017-06-05 20:15:00.

here is my example and how I solved it.(for you because you formatted your drive with other ids it varies)

formatted the hard drive on ubuntu with fat format so it can’t be open on linux/mac/windows.

I connect the hard drive to windows but there was nothing. solution: download bootice (but remember, this program is for professional if you don’t know what are do doing ask for help because you can break your stuff or delete every thing that you have.)

  1. chose your hard drive
  2. click on parts manage
  3. click on assign drive letter
  4. wait for 10 seconds and if it didn’t show up and you formatted it with fat on linux
  5. click on change id and chose 0B: fat32
  6. now it can be opened on windows/mac/linux